Every patient interaction starts with a hand hygiene opportunity and an opportunity to visibly demonstrate a commitment to patient safety and quality-of-care.

Our System Components

Base Station

Base Station



BioVigil Data Suite

BioVigil Data Suite

BioVigil Solution Features

1Onboard chemical sensing

2Real-time entry/exit hand hygiene reminders

3Cross contamination intervention

4Records in-room hand hygiene activity (additional WHO moments)

5Reassuring status indicator

6Easy installation (battery operated; no wires/networking)

7Works with all sanitizer/soap products & dispensers

8Automated reports & in-depth analytics

9Dynamic contact precaution protocol

BioVigil delivers high impact results

Unreimbursed cost-of-care (for HAIs)

30% increase in hand hygiene can be estimated at $1.5M/year

Federal Reimbursement Incentives

85% of HAC score & 25% of Value Based Purchasing scores are driven by HAI rates

Make BioVigil your hand hygiene partner

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