Scott Jeffery

Scott Jeffery

Chief Revenue Officer

Prior to joining BIOVIGIL in 2014, Scott Jeffery spent 15 years in senior leadership roles within technology-based service companies targeted to hospitals.

Serving as an Executive VP, COO and eventually President, Jeffery was integral to the start and growth of a company whose technology helped 1,500 hospitals and healthcare organizations manage their contracts—enabling them to reduce risk, maintain compliance and operate efficiently. Jeffery also served as a Senior VP for a company that addressed hospitals’ physician manpower challenges by leveraging telemedicine technologies, helping to increase the national client base for teleneurology services. In addition, he was Vice President of an early-stage company, which provided business intelligence solutions exclusively to hospitals, health systems and physician organizations.

Jeffery holds a BS degree in Finance and Economics from Susquehanna University, and is an active member of the Boards of Managers for several privately held companies.

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