BioVigil Healthcare Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Developing effective and compelling hygiene technologies is our sole business focus. Our company differentiates itself from competitive solutions by way of a number of patents, which are unique to our product use-case and system solutions for hand hygiene detection and reporting. BioVigil’s patented technology can be easily deployed in any circumstance where monitoring and compliance to hand hygiene policies are essential to protecting, or improving patient and/or staff safety.

BioVigil technology utilizes a simple room sensor, a plug-in base station and a small personnel use badge similar to a standard identification badge. The system is designed to detect and monitor hand washing events and automatically communicate compliance information to base stations located within the facility and securely forward data, with or without using the facilities local area network, to an internet cloud host for compliance reporting and application functions. BioVigil’s advanced system provides unparalleled user accountability and delivers new levels of patient and staff satisfaction by providing visual confirmation that proper hand hygiene is being adhered to with every patient room entry and exit.