BioVigil Delivers High-Impact Results

House wide 97% Compliance

BioVigil delivers on your commitment to patient safety and satisfaction with every patient interaction, in addition to lowering your costs and improving your reimbursement performance.

Reduce HAI Rate by 20-50%

By capturing and analyzing more than 15,000 hand hygiene opportunities per day, you can imagine how the BioVigil system translates into HAI reductions. BioVigil transforms user behavior with every patient interaction and improves the safety culture of the entire organization.


The actual (vs. reported) hand hygiene compliance level in U.S. hospitals. BioVigil achieves and maintains actual compliance levels at 98+%


The number of hand hygiene opportunities captured and analyzed per month in an average BioVigil client hospital


The percentage of hand hygiene opportunities typically captured per month using manual audit (secret-shopper type) reporting methods

4 Simple Steps


BioVigil reminds a user (if needed) to perform hand hygiene with each patient room (or zone) entry and exit event, helping to significantly reduce HAI risk


BioVigil visually reassures patients and family members with every patient interaction that hand hygiene has been performed, thus removing anxiety and questions about compliance.


BioVigil seamlessly captures and records all user hand hygiene activity and works with all sanitizer and soap products


BioVigil automatically aggregates data into meaningful dashboards and actionable reports which are available to authorized users on a continuous basis.

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